Welcome to Top Eurotek

Top Eurotek designs and manufactures Automated systems for manufacturing of Wafer biscuits, Ice Cream Cones and Rolled Sugar Cones. Successful confectionary production businesses around the world can benefit from superior technology, world-class reliability and high quality of all systems built by Top Eurotek. We ensure our customer’s success so that they experience a rapid return-on-investment and keep coming back to us for more.

Wafer biscuit line

Designed for production of automated production of creamed wafer biscuits, this production line is available in various sizes and production capacities to meet the customer requirements. Features such as gas based heating oven, self-cleaning mechanism and use of special coatings for lowering wastage ensure a low operating costs for years to come.

Ice cream cone line

Ice Cream treats are best served in a fresh aromatic and crispy cone.This production line can produce high quality cones at a high speed. The size of the machine can be chosen based on required capacity. This modular line includes oven, cooling belts, stacking devices and can be integrated with packing machines.

Rolled sugar cone line

The sugar caramel taste of rolled sugar cones provides a premium experience to the consumer and is growing in demand constantly. The rolled sugar cone system from Top Eurotek provides a complete modular system that automatically produces high quality and product that satisfies the taste of the end consumer immensely.

Wafer Stick Line

The Automatic Wafer Stick line produces multi-coloured wafer sticks with high speed and minimum wastage. Sticks are produces in 4 lines simultaneously and can be made in filled and non-filled options.

Parlor Machines

Freshly rolled sugar cones are loved by customers because of their crunch and aroma. A freshly rolled sugar cone combined with any flavour of ice cream provides a immediate boost to sales by selling ice cream Sundae as a offerning by combining with various toppings.

About Us

The team at Top Eurotek is passionate about technology and our customer’s success. We are engineers who have combined experience of more than 20 years. We are learning new things every day and implementing new ideas to increase our customer’s productivity.


Top Eurotek is managed by an award winning team of professional engineers. We follow industry best practices based on PDCA methods. Our own internal rigorous tests and procedures ensure quality and consistency that is built to last a lifetime.


The facilities at Top Eurotek are equipped with latest machinery to ensure timely availability of production components and spare parts that can be interchanged in the field. Our trained technicians ensure that all systems provide full life cycle of service in field.